Brandeis Orthodox Minyan

About the Minyan

The Brandeis Orthodox Minyan (BOM), is an organization under Brandeis Hillel founded in 1975 that provides daily minyan, and shabbat and holiday services for the Orthodox community on campus. All services are coordinated by the Gabbai Rishon, Gabbai Sheni, and Gabbait, and are student-led. BOM would not be as successful as it is without the commitment of the students in creating a minyan that is inspiring and welcoming. The Halachic advisors for BOM are the OU-JLIC couple on campus and our posek, Rav Menachem Schrader from the OU. Please reach out to a member of the Gabbinate for more information or to sign up for the email list and Whatsapp group.

Minyan Times & Calendar


Mincha - 1 hour before nightfall

Kabalat Shabbat/Ma'ariv - after Mincha

Shacharit - 9:00AM

Mincha - 1.5 hours before nightfall

Ma'ariv - 3 minutes before nightfall

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For exact minyan times, locations and other questions, please email Yoni.

The Gabbinate

Gabbai Rishon

Class of 2026 | West Hempstead, NY | Biology & Film


Class of 2027 | Naples, FL | Linguistics

Gabbai Sheni

Class of 2027 | Newton, MA | Chemistry

Past Gabbinates

Gabbai Lineage

Noam Storm '27

Yoni Bench '26

Jimmy Stluka '25

Zev Ross '24

Eitan Leff '23

Sam Schair '22

Benji Schwartz '21

Ben Jaffe '20

Eli Cohn '19

Casey Lamar '18

Saadiah McIntosh '17

Noam Steinman '16

Eitan Cooper '15

Gabbait Lineage

Bailey Reum '27

Rifky Rosensaft '26

Neima Fax '25

Rachel Araten '24

Meirit Cohen '23

Hadassah Stanhill '22

Ariella Gentin '21

Devora Meyers '20

Ilana Bauman '19

Shoshana Singer '18

Rivka Cohen '17

Abbie Denemark '16

Sarah Jaffe '15