How we picked our fields of study

Manny Cohen

New Rochelle, NY | Class of 2024 | International and Global Studies, Politics and Economics

Since high school, the field of politics has always captivated me. In today's political environment, I feel it's necessary to have level-headed people working in the field. Once I got to Brandeis, I found out about the International and Global Studies (IGS) major, and as someone who is also interested in international relations, I thought it'd be a good fit. The two work really well together, and there is some overlap so there's no need to take tons of extra classes. I really enjoy taking these courses that are intellectually stimulating and interesting, and couldn't think of a better place than Brandeis to do it!

Aviva Weinstein

Bala Cynwyd, PA | Class of 2023 | Anthropology, Near Eastern & Judaic Studies and Business

I took a class called Human Geography in high school and really liked it. After then taking ANTH 1A here, which is similar, I decided anthropology would be a cool field to major in! Also, having not gone to a Jewish high school I always knew I wanted to take a few Jewish-type classes in college, and after a few it sorta just turned into a major (Near Eastern & Judaic Studies). I really like the combination of these two majors because I feel like I can learn a little bit about a variety of cultures, religions, and people from all around the world, including my own!

Maya Stiefel

Teaneck, NJ | Class of 2024 | Neuroscience, Psychology and Legal Studies

I picked my field of study because I am interested in both psychology and biology, and neuroscience is the intersection between the two fields. When I started picking classes for my first semester at Brandeis, my amazing advisor suggested I try it out, and then I fell in love with the subject! All of the courses I have taken so far have been both challenging and interesting - what more could I ask for?! I have really enjoyed the versatility of the courses offered both in and out of my fields of study. 

Batya Schwarz

Baltimore, MD | Class of 2024 | Psychology, Sociology and Studio Art

Coming into Brandeis, I knew that I wanted to study something with everyday applications while also exploring the humanities and arts. The psychology department has allowed me to take courses in a multitude of areas that are intertwined with my day to day life. After taking a few classes, I stumbled upon sociology and found it to be very interesting and fell in love with it! In addition, I have been doing art my entire life and even went to an art seminary for a year post-high school. I wanted to have the minor status in studio art because I love it, and feel like art is such an integral part of my identity that it had to be part of my studies at Brandeis.

Danielle Malka

Brooklyn, NY | Class of 2023 | Biology and Art History

I am currently a biology and art history major, and genuinely love and appreciate what I am studying. I initially applied to Brandeis intending to be a chemistry major, but after taking various biology courses here, I decided I am more interested in studying biology and all it has to offer. In terms of art history, it may seem a bit random, but I fell in love with the subject in high school. I chose to continue studying it in college, as I love immersing myself in other cultures by studying a variety of art forms. I believe these majors provide me with a good balance between pre-med and humanities courses. 

Josh Hopen

Hollywood, FL | Class of 2023 | Philosophy, English and Health: Science, Society & Policy

I chose my majors because of how they each complement my vast interests. Philosophy and English have increased my critical analysis, made me a deeper thinker, and improved my research and writing abilities. Health: Science, Society, and Policy (HSSP) has introduced me to the broad and fascinating healthcare world, where I have developed a particular niche for healthcare policy and law. The fusing of these disciplines has inspired me to pursue a career in medical ethics. 

How we are involved in BOO and on campus

Ranya B.G.

Riverdale, NY | Class of 2024 | Psychology and Near Eastern & Judaic Studies

I have loved being involved in BOO and have felt like it has given me a great community and foundation on campus. Having this welcoming and comfortable community is the reason I have been able to get involved in other activities and things on campus! I'm on the Chabad Club board, I'm a Peer advocate for PARC, I'm a member of SDT, & I'm on the BOO kiddush committee. 

Dov Ratner

Cleveland, OH | Class of 2025 | American Studies

I was on the BOO Board as a first-year representative during my first semester at Brandeis. I also participate in various minyanim, events and help to check the eruv weekly. One thing about BOO that is so incredible are the people. As a first-year, it was really amazing how so many upperclassmen welcomed me to the community and invited me to meals and events.

Atalia Ramelson

Sharon, MA | Class of 2023 | Near Eastern & Judaic Studies, Education Studies & Teachers Education

My main involvement in BOO is that I'm one of the Beit Midrash Coordinators, where I help with the learning that occurs in our Beit Midrash on campus.  Additionally, I'm one of the Seudat Shlishit Coordinators where I set up the meal between Mincha and Maariv on Shabbat. I also regularly attend BOO events, and am overall so grateful to have such a warm, supportive community of friends around me

Noah Leubsdorf

New York, NY | Class of 2024 | Education Studies, Music, Math and Psychology

BOO was the first organization/club that I interacted with on campus, and I continue to go to a lot of BOO events and spend a lot of time with the people in the community. Within the broader Brandeis Hillel community, I currently serve as the VP for Shira Chadasha (the partnership minyan at Brandeis) and I am the Co-VP of the Hillel Organization of Gamers (HOG). I am also on the men's Ultimate Frisbee club team (TRON).

Stephanie Kallish

Highland Park, IL | Class of 2025 | Near Eastern & Judaic Studies and Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies

I'm a member of both the Beit Midrash & Chesed Committees, as well as the Kollel. Getting involved in BOO was the best decision I have made at Brandeis so far, because it has created such a positive community & home for me on campus. I enjoy the Minyans and weekly meals with BOO people both on Shabbat and during the week, and will also frequently find me in the Beit Midrash. There are so many meaningful ways to be involved in BOO through davening, learning, & chilling with the fun, social community!  

Matt Shapiro

Montreal, Canada | Class of 2024 | Psychology, Politics and Legal Studies

Being involved in BOO has always been an important aspect of my on-campus life, eventually leading me to take on roles within the BOO Beit Midrash and Education committees. There, I help to organize and support students in leading chaburahs during the semester, as well as organizing the Kollel program. I am also Hillel Vice President, where I hope to further grow the entire Brandeis Jewish community. Beyond that, I serve on the Student Union Judiciary Board and am a member of the tennis club.

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What makes Brandeis special?

Peretz & Chanie Chein

Shluchim of Chabad at Brandeis

At Brandeis, the Orthodox community has a special relationship with Chabad that can be held as a model for other schools. The mutual respect, support and care both communities display toward each other make Brandeis a special place for Orthodox students.

Ariel & Dorit Cohen

Educators at OU-JLIC Brandeis

The Brandeis Orthodox community is special because the students are so devoted towards their Judaism and towards strengthening the community here. Their passion, drive and inclusivity have created a warm and welcoming Jewish community like no other! 

My favorite thing about Brandeis & BOO

Maya Ungar

Englewood, NJ | Class of 2025 | American Studies and Education Studies

My favorite things about Brandeis is the warm community, both inside and outside of BOO. In my opinion, the BOO community is the perfect size, and filled with super kind and friendly people. BOO really helped me feel settled at Brandeis, and served as a home base for me as I learned and experienced all that Brandeis has to offer. I love being surrounded by interesting, committed and fun people, and I am so grateful to have BOO as a part of my college life. 

Jordan Lamar

Fairfax, VA | Class of 2023 | Chemical Biology and Biology

I really like the Shabbat experience at Brandeis with BOO. I feel as though everything from Kabbalat Shabbat to meals with friends is a tremendous experience every week. It is great seeing how the whole community comes together everyweek. 

Sara Goldstein

Manhattan, NY | Class of 2023 | IIM: Inequality & Social Policy and Economics

I love how people at Brandeis are very involved in all that Brandeis has to offer. Most people are a part of various clubs and go to campus events. People do not spend all their time working for classes but also have other things they are passionate about. BOO is great because it is a very vibrant and active community. There is almost always something going on – be it a social event, davening, or a learning opportunity.

What we are up to after graduating from Brandeis

*To contact an individual, please click on their name or reach out to Esther

Class of 2023

Mercer Island, WA | Biochemistry and Chemsitry

After graduating from Brandeis with a BS/MS in Biochemistry and a BS in Chemistry, I am now pursuing my PhD in Organic Chemistry at Yale University. I am looking furthering the scientific growth I began at Brandeis where I worked on an Iron-catalyzed glycosylation method in the Hao Xu Lab. In addition to continuing my religious growth, which was nurtured by Chabad at Brandeis. I am more than happy to speak with anyone interested in pursuing graduate school, chemistry, or Yale and New Haven!

Houston, TX | Neuroscience, Art History and Near Eastern & Judaic Studies

After graduating from Brandeis with a major in neuroscience and minors in art history and NEJS I started working as a clinical data specialist at The Broad Institute. The goal of my team is to make cancer research more patient centered. We do that by simultaneously analyzing medical records and genetic markers in order to create a comprehensive database.

Cleveland, OH | Biology & Anthropology 

Since graduating from Brandeis, I have moved to NYC and am working at NYU Langone Health as a research technician. I am working in the field of cancer genetics, investigating the effects of therapeutics on tumor heterogeneity. I am currently applying to medical school and am grateful to BOO and Brandeis for my current situation and helping me persevere in college and cultivate my research interests.

Highland Park, NJ | Economics and Urban Studies & Architectural Studies

After graduating with an independent major in Urban Studies I am working for the New York City government through the NYC DCAS Urban Fellows program. After being assigned to a specific NYC agency I will spend my time working on various city projects and figuring out what specifically I wish to focus on in my career going forward. I developed much of the community organizing skills I am using at my job during my time at Brandeis, specifically by being a part of BOO. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about making your own major, urban planning, working for NYC government, the Urban Fellows program, or living in Crown Heights!

Class of 2022

New York, NY | Psychology, Education Studies and Near Eastern & Judaic Studies

Post graduation, I am returning to NYC to be a teacher resident at The Shefa School. The Shefa School is a Jewish day school that serves children in grades 1-8th who are diagnosed with a language-based learning disability and benefit from a specialized learning environment. I will be matched with a mentor teacher, and over the course of two years I will participate in a rigorous teacher training program that will help me develop the necessary skills to become a great teacher. 

Englewood, NJ | Economics, Business, Architectural Studies, Masters in Int'l Economics & Finance

After graduating from Brandeis with a BA and MA from the International Business School, I will be working in Management Consulting at McKinsey & Co. I am excited to take the problem solving skills I gained while being President of the Chabad Club and Secretary of BOO, along with the creativity I developed in the countless studio art classes I took at Brandeis, to the professional world.

Los Angeles, CA | History, Legal Studies and Near Eastern & Judaic Studies

My time at Brandeis helped me to uncover my true passion for law. Post graduation, I will be moving to New York to begin my legal education at Brooklyn Law! My goal is to become a human rights attorney where I can use my knowledge of the past and the legal system to help create a more just world.

St. Louis, MO and Washington DC | Biology, Computer Science and Chemistry

Next year I’m moving to Dallas where I’ll be working at Microsoft. I’ll be working as a Customer engineer! While I work on the Xbox and Azure Cloud products, I am excited to Integrate my passion for technical problem solving with my love for working with people!

Class of 2021

Jillian Fisch

Long Island, NY | History and Politics

I am a Legislative Assistant for the Policy & Government Affairs Department at AIPAC, where I focus on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senate Banking Committee and strategic cooperation in cyber security and artificial intelligence. In my role, I track legislation and provide analysis on the newest foreign affairs developments coming from the US Senate. I graduated from Brandeis University, earning a bachelor’s degree in History and Politics, magna cum laude.

West Orange, NJ | Business, Politics and History of Ideas

Since graduating, I’ve started working as an Application and Program Analyst in Deloitte Consulting’s Enterprise Performance practice. Most of my work so far has been in Project Portfolio Management and Technology Business Management, helping business leaders get the information they need to make strategic decisions. I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and am a member of The Jewish Center. BOO meant a lot to me while I was at Brandeis, and I am grateful to have been part of the community.

Hollywood, FL | Chemistry

The fall after graduation, I began a Ph.D. program in chemistry at Boston College. My research focuses on building polymers from sugars, which is fun because sugars aren’t toxic. I spend most of my days making/fixing mistakes and relying on shtick as a source of energy. BOO was a huge part of my experience at Brandeis. The community allowed me to grow in my Judaism and make some of my closest friends, who inspire and encourage me daily in my goals. I love to talk about all things science related - careers, being a STEMinist, religious obligations, undergrad research…I’m in (unless it’s a biology concept). Feel free to reach out!

Class of 2020

Liat Fischer

Denver, CO | Business and Near Eastern & Judaic Studies

After graduating Brandeis, I lived and worked in NYC for two years for the Claims Conference, and now am living in Israel!! My time at Brandeis and at the Claims Conference helped cultivate my love and passion for working in the non - profit world. I’m currently getting a Master’s in Non-Profit Management at Hebrew U, and cannot wait to learn more about the non - profit sector in Israel. I wouldn’t be where I am today without all of the love and support the BOO community continues to give me! Hit me up if you have Aliyah or non-profit questions!!! See you all in the Holy Land one day G-d willing!

Yona Steinman

Ottawa, Canada | Economics, Math, Business and Near Eastern & Judaic Studies

Since graduating Brandeis, I have made Aliyah and moved to Tel Aviv. I’m now having the time of my life, working at Monday.com, an Israeli hi-Tech company, in customer experience. My favourite activities include riding electric scooters, and eating surprise strawberry smoothies from etrog man in shuk hacarmel. I’m meeting people from all over the world, working on my Hebrew, and pitching Aliyah to people. Is this a forum now? If you’re thinking about it, message me!

Shira Levie

Teaneck, NJ | Biology and Health: Science, Society & Policy

I'm a first year medical student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, NY. My passion for primary care & medicine was fostered at Brandeis and I gained a strong foundation in the sciences and person-centered care. The skills that I gained as a member of BOO, like community building &  leadership skills, are ones which I use in my everyday life. The sense of belonging and empowerment felt at Brandeis is a unique experience that I hope to one day replicate in the community I become a part of. 

Becky Schwartz

Riverdale, NY | Psychology, Anthropology and African & African American Studies

I am a student at the William James College Clinical PsyD Program in the process of earning a Clinical Doctorate in Psychology. I completed an externship as a school counselor at Marblehead Public High School during the ‘20-‘21 school year and I'm currently working as a Rape Crisis Counselor at the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC). In this role, I use the skills I developed as a Violence Prevention Educator at Brandeis PARC to offer support to clients as they navigate the impacts of sexual violence on their lives.

Class of 2019

Ezra Cohen

New Rochelle, NY| Psychology and Near Eastern & Judaic Studies

After graduating Brandeis with a double-major in Psychology and Judaic studies, I moved to New York and started rabbinical school at Yeshiva University.  I am currently in my last year, and will soon be moving to Philadelphia with my wife, Tova, to become the Assistant Rabbi at a synagogue there.  If the rabbinate is a career you’re considering, and you have questions about how Brandeis helped me prepare for that (or have questions about anything else), please reach out!

Rachel (Ashe) Zaslowsky

Englewood, NJ | Mathematics and Economics

After graduating Brandeis with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Economics, I started my job as a consulting actuary at Willis Towers Watson in New York City. I’ve been working there for three years now and have loved working as an actuary in the retirement consulting field. If you have any questions about actuarial exams or becoming an actuary, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Yoni Israel

Stamford, CT | Biology, Chemistry and Music

I'm a medical student at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City, class of 2024. In addition to providing me with a strong fundamental scientific background, my mentors at Brandeis inspired in me a love for teaching and a general thirst for knowledge. At Brandeis, I sang with the world-renowned acapella group, Starving Artists, and played frisbee with the frat boys in Tron. Please reach out to me if you need advice on how to dance and fit in at AEPi parties… and I can refer you to those better equipped to answer your questions.

Yovel (Krasner) Miller

Highland Park, NJ | International Economics & Finance and Business

I graduated Brandeis in 2018/2019 (I did the BA/MA program at IBS) and majored in Economics with a Business minor. After graduating, I moved to NYC with my husband (and fellow Brandeis 2019 alum). I worked in Investment Banking at Credit Suisse for two years and then switched to my current role, Strategic Planning at Peloton.