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There is always a ton happening in BOO. Below you can find Shabbat, Social, Chesed and Education opportunities, as well as other general information.


Lively & energetic Shabbat Dinners at the Chabad House

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Spirited & warm Shabbat Dinners on campus

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We have an eruv! Check if it is up here. You can help check the Eruv!

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A salt and sugar galore with the entire BOO community every week!

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Want to learn more about Shabbat in BOO? Email Yoni Bench (Minyan), Koby Gottlieb (Kiddush) or Shoshana Solomon (Everything Else)

Learning & Torah

Chaburot & Shiurim

Weekly student-led classes on a multitude of topcis and special shiurim featuring both on and off campus Jewish educators. Spring schedule here.

Past scholars: Dr. Rivka Press-Schwartz, R' Menachem Liebtag & many more!

Beit Midrash

Founded in 1992, recently repainted, and conveniently located in a freshman dorm building our Beit Midrash is a welcome space for Jewish learning.

Check out our inventory!

Torat Emet & Divrei Torah

BOO's weekly torah publication. In addition to this, we also have weekly divrei torah at minyan given by both students and educators. 

Give a dvar torah. Write a dvar torah for Torat Emet.

Want to learn more about Learning and Torah in BOO? Email Stephanie Kallish

Social & Chesed Events

Social Events

Ice cream socials, bowling, ice skating and many more events!

Chesed Events

Yachad events, care packages, charity dodgeball, fundraisers & more! 

BOO Buddies

A BOO tradition! First Years get paired with Sophomores and join BOO lineages!

Want to learn more about Social and Chesed in BOO? Email Elisha Gordan & Ella Osen (Social) or Gabby Grunfeld (Chesed)

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